Hey Friends:

This is the week! City States' debut album, Geography, is now available on vinyl and high-quality MP3 via Chicago's Safety Records. Thanks to everyone who has listened, purchased, or otherwise supported the effort in the last two years. I really appreciate it.

Stream the album via Spotify or Soundcloud.

Special thanks to three people: Steve Lund, for spending many hours editing, collaborating, directing, and influencing (sometimes at his own peril)—though he has implied at points that this project is my baby, so to speak, there is no doubt in my mind that without his input I would have made a much different (and arguably a much less successful) record. Mike Burmeister, whose spectacular drumming skills grace 6 of the 10 tracks on Geography. And last but certainly not least, my girlfriend Michelle Kaffko, who supported me unwaveringly through numerous setbacks, frustrations, and difficulties while I made this record. Thank you.

On a related note for fans of independent radio: the album recently went into rotation at Chicago's CHIRP Radio, and this week Geography charted at #2 on their weekly playlist! Help us keep the momentum going: listen in at, and request "False Start" or "Uncharted Waters" —the two highest-charting songs—by emailing

Once again, many thanks for listening. In the meantime, share this album with your friends, and stay tuned for more news on shows, reviews, etc. All the best,

Joel / City States