A couple of months back, when I was trying to figure out what kinds of perks I should add to my Indiegogo campaign, I remembered an article I read that mentioned haiku. I thought that writing poems for my supporters would be a lot of fun, and as it turns out, this perk wound up being the most popular of the entire campaign.

Each funder was able to select the subject of his or her campaign, however in a few cases I chose the subject myself. Now that I've finished up all of the haiku and sent them out, I thought it might be fun to share them:

Subject: Alinea
Can food be designed?
Dunno, man. Sounds rather odd!
But then: Grant Achatz.

Subject: Chicago
On an endless grid
Ashland to Damen, Western
Many worlds take shape.

Subject: Digital Music Streaming
When music gets played
Through the interwebs, do the
Tubes make any sound?

Subject: The Ocean
Twisting blue-green waves
Conceal our very eyes from
A vast world below

Subject: My Friend Anna's Cat
Tan and black and tan
With a soft purr and cuddle
Purple claws recede

Subject: Pangolins
Curled up in a ball,
Sleeping away the sunshine;
Scales unfurl by night.

Subject: My 1st Apartment (for a friend with whom I shared the apartment)
Nine friends, Wrigleyville
Like one more year of college
But with an el train.

Subject: Recording at Soma Studios
With synths stacked on walls
With drum kits in window wells
Rhythms come alive

Subject: Bucktown's The Map Room
Beer taps line the bar
For miles, it seems, drafts endless.
Bliss till hunger hits.

Subject: Art (for my friend's daughter)
Oil paints and markers
We paint beards on every face
In rainbow colors

Subject: Love
In just an instant
A simple, perfect feeling
Fills a universe

Subject: My Friend Joe's Two Cats
Tom Tom and Wafer
They stare sharply, and wonder
Why you won't feed them

Subject: Italian Opera
Alto, soprano
In a language so foreign
Song invites us all

In the coming weeks, I'll be providing more details about the next round of Indiegogo campaign perks I'll be working on: cover songs!

Haiku about cats

Haiku about cats