Hey there, welcome, and thanks for reading. We’re finally on Tumblr! It’s about time.

I’ve actually thought about starting a Tumblr blog for a while, but to be honest, writing/recording has been such a demanding task that I’ve put it off until now. Better late than never, perhaps.

More than anything, I hope to use this as a central place to talk about the making of the record that we’re in the middle of finishing—specifically about process, influence, themes, timing—and I hope to post on a few-times-per-week basis until our debut is out in the world. But I’ll probably also spend a lot of time discussing a variety of other things are important to me, some of which will inevitably involve food, design, Chicago, and the music I’m listening to.

Until then: thanks in advance for reading, tell your friends, and feel free to send me a message if you’re so inclined. All the best,

Joel / City States