Take a moment to respond. I’m just curious.

Three things:

1. I’ve never been a huge fan of Rush, however I always get really excited when they get played on a radio station I’m listening to. This happened to me over the weekend with “Limelight.” I shouted “YEAH!” out loud while driving in my car; my girlfriend looked at me cross-eyed.

2. Getty Lee is one of the best, and most underrated bass guitarists, ever. He has a wonderful sense of melody, and is one of the few bassists whose playing is instantly recognizable. There was a brief period when I was fourteen, where I was obsessed with those overdriven walking basslines on Moving Pictures. Years later, the bass guitar parts I wrote while in my first band, The Modern Temper, were heavily influenced by Lee’s style.

3. In high school my friends and I joked about starting a Rush cover band called Yeti Lee—we were going to dress in white gorilla costumes, and play Rush covers in the style of the Boredoms. True story.